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Fort Polk

Ft. Polk Dogwood Terrace| Map

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Explore Dogwood Terrace at Fort Polk through our interactive map—find the Neighborhood Center, post office, pools, parks and get acquainted with the area. Just select the filters you’d like to see on the map, and let us do the work of finding it for you.

In The Area


31.044036-93.219938Child Care CenterDay Care CenterCamellia Terrace
31.050765-93.227234South Polk Elementary SchoolSchoolPalmetto Terrace
31.067418-93.222814Dogwood Terrace Neighborhood CenterNeighborhood CenterDogwood Terrace
31.046426-93.232298Palmetto Terrace Neighborhood CenterNeighborhood CenterPalmetto Terrace
31.109536-93.199768Maple Terrace Neighborhood CenterNeighborhood CenterMaple Terrace
31.052530-93.225088Cypress Terrace Neighborhood CenterNeighborhood CenterCypress Terrace
31.037933-93.219166Camellia Terrace Neighborhood CenterNeighborhood CenterCamellia Terrace
31.064441-93.220196North Polk Elementary SchoolSchoolDogwood Terrace
31.066242-93.219380ShoppetteConvenient StoreDogwood Terrace
31.053522-93.215046Golf CourseMisc Post LocationFort Polk
31.062492-93.214188Bayne-Jones Army HospitalMisc Post LocationFort Polk
31.063595-93.218990center Point - Dogwood TerraceCenter AreaDogwood Terrace